Chicago Summits - Follow Up

What a delight it was to meet you in Chicago!

Whether you attended two or all three sessions, we hope you feel like you got as much value from your time and energy as you could, and that everything you learned, and the people you met, will support your efforts as you build or grow you advocacy practice.

Find below the follow-up information we promised:

The Slides / Powerpoints

Here are the slide decks in pdf form for


Attendee List

In case it got lost in the shuffle, here’s the list of all attendees, including the Leaders who participated in the Friday Networking Event.


Regina Holliday – Walking Gallery

You asked about Trisha’s shirt and the artist who painted it. That artist is Regina Holliday. You can find more about the Walking Gallery and her hundreds of paintings on her website.

And here is what Regina wrote after she completed my jacket.

I am always very proud to wear it to showcase Regina’s work toward patient safety and my own appreciation for her investment in our cause.


How to Blog

This is the link I promised you about the step-by-step for the technology of putting together a blog. They are articles and podcasts in the membership site.


10 Patient Empowerment Tips

Here is a copy of the print file with the logo space blank. If you check with a Kinkos (Fedex) or Staples – they should be able to drop your logo into it for you if you aren’t able to do it yourself.


Session Notes – Follow Up

Here are the notes Joe took for us (thanks Joe!), plus a few other tidbits.

Additional Secondary Audiences (Influencers) – Daily Money Managers and Librarians

The value of an advocate – the cost of doing nothing. New point to make:  “The fact that you called me shows you really care.”

Client Management AppCosmolex  (for lawyers)

1 Million Cups (Kauffman Foundation) – Entrepreneurs in Communities:

Donald Miller: Building a StoryBrand

Research / Statistics about success of advocates (while these links are not about private advocates, our work can be extrapolated.)

Public Speaking – Additional ideas:

  • Never run long!  Make sure you deliver your information within your allotted time, and leave some time for questions at the end.
  • Write up your own introduction to give the person who will introduce you. It will prevent them from telling your story too early, and can set the stage for what you are about to say.

Thanks for much for being there. We hope to see you again soon!



Many thanks to our vendors!





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