Frequently Asked Questions
about the APHA Summits

(Terms & Conditions)

Will the sessions be recorded so they can be accessed later for those who cannot attend?

No, we will not record the sessions to share with people who cannot attend. There are two reasons we do not record them:

  1. One of the important benefits of attending the workshops is networking with other advocates from around the US and Canada. The only way that benefit can be realized is by in-person attendance.
  2. Recording the sessions is very expensive. In order to afford the recording service and delivery, we would have to raise the price for the people who attend the workshops. That does not seem fair when most people would want to listen because they didn’t attend.

If you want to learn from workshop sessions, you’ll have to attend them.

How can I purchase the textbooks? I don't see a way to buy them on this site.

The books may be purchased at a discount only by those people who are attending the Friday morning or All-day Saturday events.

They are not available at a discount for those who attend ONLY the Friday afternoon networking event.

We have outlined the procedure for purchasing the books at a Summit Discount on the textbook page of this site.

How can I keep my cost of attendance to a minimum?
There are a few things you can do to be more cost effective:
  • Register early to save substantial amounts on the registration fees.
  • Instead of charging the Registration Fees to your credit card, you can use 0% financing at Paypal (subject to credit approval).
  • Check out strategies for finding inexpensive airfare.
  • Connect with other attendees in our APHA Connect! discussion forum to see if someone would like to share a hotel room.
  • If you don’t already own the text books we’ll be using, then you will have two options:

a.  if you are an APHA member, you will be able to use the APHA purchase discount (linkable from your membership dashboard.)

b.  If you register for the Friday morning or All-day Saturday sessions at the APHA Summits, you’ll receive a coupon to purchase the books.

Both those options are less expensive than purchasing the books at Amazon or

If I am not a member of APHA, do I have to pay for a membership?
The Friday sessions do not require an APHA membership.

The Saturday Connect with Clients Marketing workshop does require a membership.  That’s because so many of the resources you’ll need after the workshop are found on the APHA membership site, and require membership to access them.

The cost of an APHA PACE membership is already built into the pricing for the Saturday workshop.  (Members, find a coupon linked from your membership dashboard that will reduce the cost of the workshops for you.)

I see that 'leaders' will be attending, but who are they? And why does it matter?
Find a list of the confirmed leaders here.

These are the folks who have already figured out what works, what doesn’t, what they wish they knew, and what they can share with you.  Come to the Summits to meet them – and learn!

Do you offer CEUs for these events?

No CEUs are awarded at this time. Once Patient Advocate certification is available (see more on the certification website) we will likely offer CEUs that can be used for BCPA recertification. But as yet, we do not.

What is the dress code for the workshops?

Be comfortable! We expect people will be dressed in anything from business casual, to comfy jeans, to country-club chic. Tattoos and piercings optional.

May I pay by check or money order instead of using a credit card?

Yes. You will be able to choose a check, bank draft, or money order payment during the registration process. We’ll follow up with an email that tells you how much to send, and where to send it.

Our postal address is APHA, PO Box 491073, Leesburg, FL 34749

Important:  you must give your check time to clear. If you want to pay for Early Registration, it MUST ARRIVE BY THE DEADLINE DATE or you will be assessed the additional cost of the later registration. No exceptions!

Do you have a Refund Policy?

We recognize that sometimes things happen, and life gets in the way, and therefore you may need to cancel your reservation.

With that in mind, we do offer refunds that are based on how far in advance of the workshops you must cancel.

As new questions come in, we’ll answer them here.

If you have a question, please send it along to us.