Leader Invitation - Connect for Success!

You’re invited!

You’ve found this page through an email invitation because YOU are a LEADER among your advocate peers – and they want to CONNECT with you!

You are successful in your work. You’ve blazed a trail (or two!) You’ve been a pioneer in this field of advocacy. Now you, your knowledge, and your support are needed and sought after by advocates who want and need to experience your leadership.

Thus, we hope you will join us at one or more of our Summits in 2018.


Your Invitation

The APHA Connect for Success! Networking Event will be held Friday afternoon from 2 to 5 PM in each of our locations. (Additional sessions will be held Friday morning and all day Saturday.)

This invitation is specific for the Friday afternoon event. You may choose to attend the other sessions but that is not a requirement.

We invite you to join us at this networking event, and to showcase your leadership. We’ll help you determine ahead of time which parts you’d like to participate in, which might include doing a TED-type talk, a quick presentation, sharing information about your specific expertise, or an experience you learned from (good or bad!). There are many ways to participate, to showcase your capabilities, and to lead by example.

Your name tag will identify you as an Advocacy Leader – a status you should be proud of.

See the complete invitation at right.

Please join us!*

For your participation as a leader at our APHA Event, we will comp your attendance at our Friday Afternoon Networking Summit. That’s a value of as much as $70.*

If you would like to attend and participate in the Leadership of our Summit, please send us an email telling us you’re “in”, and in which city(s) you’d like to attend. We’ll send you a discount code for registration.

Then, a few weeks prior to the event, we’ll work with you to determine how you’d like to showcase your leadership to the Summit attendees.

See the Leaders who have already committed to attend one or more of our Summits.

*(Only those who have received an invitation from APHA are invited to take advantage of this Leadership Invitation. The number of invitations per city is limited, so please let us know early of your interest. In all cases, Leader Registrations must take place at least 4 weeks prior to the event in the city(s) of your choice. While you are invited to attend any and all sessions, there is no requirement to attend others, and only the Friday afternoon Networking Event will be comped.)

For those who choose to attend and participate, we thank you!

We look forward to meeting you, seeing you, and working with you, to improve connections among advocates, other professionals, and their clients.