Orlando Summits - Follow Up

What a delight it was to meet you in Orlando!

Whether you attended two or all three sessions, we hope you feel like you got as much value from your time and energy as you could, and that everything you learned, and the people you met, will support your efforts as you build or grow you advocacy practice.

Find below the follow-up information we promised:

The Slides / Powerpoints

Here are the slide decks in pdf form for

The Books

For those of you who did not have an opportunity to purchase the books from the Health Advocate Career Series, here is the link to the discounts. I will extend the discounts only through Friday, September 14. After that, you’re welcome to purchase them at the regular pricing.


Additional Handouts

• Attendee List

In case it got lost in the shuffle, here’s the list of all attendees, including the Leaders who participated in the Friday Networking Event.

• Cathy Bowers’ list of Eldercare Resources

Cathy gave this out (on paper) during her break-out sessions during the Networking event. We aren’t sure everyone received it. Further, we’re providing it here as a “rich text” file so you can open it and click on the links directly (meaning – you won’t have to type them all out!) whether you’re using a Mac or a PC.


How to Blog

This is the link I promised you about the step-by-step for the technology of putting together a blog. They are articles and podcasts in the myAPHA.org membership site.


10 Patient Empowerment Tips

Here is a copy of the print file with the logo space blank. If you check with a Kinkos (Fedex) or Staples – they should be able to drop your logo into it for you if you aren’t able to do it yourself.


Session Notes – Follow Up

Here are the notes Renae took for us (Thanks Renae!), plus a few other tidbits.

  • To find the calendar of health-related months, weeks, etc (for use in newsletters, on your website, or other ‘timing is everything’ places: HealthFinder.gov
  • An App for APHA: this one will take a great deal of time, and then, possibly, to implement. However, in the meantime, Renae made a great suggestion about adding the APHA website to your mobile device homescreen. (Thanks again, Renae!) I’ve now written that up – easy peasy! – and it will also show up in tomorrow’s APHA Agenda. https://myapha.org/tip-of-the-week/#app
  • For figuring out your domain name: It’s not good enough to just type it into a browser. Many domains are already registered but no website is ever developed on them. So instead, please check with Instant Domain Search: https://instantdomainsearch.com/
  • Your website needs to be secure, using “https://” instead of “http://” The best way to do this is to ask your hosting company how you can make it secure – for free. (We use a program called “Let’s Encrypt” but not all hosts will subscribe to Let’s Encrypt.)
  • If you use WordPress, and once you have changed your website to be secure, there are two plug-ins you can use to make sure all the links on your site continue to work correctly. (If you don’t do this, then once you’ve added security, the links may be broken.) One is called “Better Search and Replace” and the other one is called “Really Simple SSL.” They are used for different purposes, and you’ll need them both.
  • After I returned home, this popped up on my news feed, and I thought you might all be interested: Just Do It’: The surprising and morbid origin story of Nike’s slogan

Thanks for much for being there. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you! And hope to see you again soon!



Many thanks to our vendors!