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Connect for Success!

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Friday Morning

The Nuts ‘n Bolts of
Making Connections


A potential client calls you to discuss needs:

  • How do you handle the conversation?
  • How do you discuss the cost?
  • How do you convince them they should sign a contract?
  • What should the contract cover?
  • And how do you ask for money?

As it turns out you can’t handle all their needs yourself; you need to bring in another advocate to help:

  • How do you find the right advocate?
  • How do you discuss compensation?
  • What paperwork needs to be signed?
  • What follow-up needs to take place?

From initial phone calls, to negotiation, to signatures on paperwork, and records, we’ll cover the nuts ‘n bolts of making connections.

Friday Morning
Nuts ‘n Bolts Agenda

  • Connecting:  Handling new client contacts (phone conversations and email), moving into contracts, requesting signatures and money
  • Paperwork: When it’s needed, what should be covered, timing, and signatures
  • Follow up:  Record-keeping

9 AM to 12 noon
coffee, tea, morning snack

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Friday Afternoon
Networking Event!

Connect with
Advocacy Leaders
and Other Advocates


You’ve heard it repeated many times, “The rising tide floats all boats!”

This not-to-be-missed Friday afternoon event will be focused networking with others who can help your boat rise. Whether you’ve been advocating for years – or weeks – the event will help you make the connections you want to make: from someone whose abilities are complimentary to the services you already provide, to supporting others with your own skills, in all cases filling the gaps that will make your practice successful.

Among our event guests will be leaders in our profession; those legends who have succeeded, whose names you have heard.  See who is already confirmed to attend. You won’t want to miss it!

Friday Afternoon

  • Connect with leaders in the world of advocacy, other advocates, and vendors.
  • Enjoy pop-up talks and conversations.
  • Meet others by geography, niches, and skill sets.
  • Meet the pros: those folks who have already succeeded, and want you to succeed, too.

2 PM to 5 PM
afternoon snack and beverages

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Saturday – All Day

How to Connect
with New Clients
(Marketing Workshop)


Perhaps the most frequently asked questions about independent advocacy are, “How will people find and hire me? and How do they know I can help?”

This all-day-Saturday marketing session will be a down-n-dirty, brass tacks, how-to workshop focused on very specific, proven tactics for marketing your services to engage new clients:

Join us at this all-day-roll-up-your-sleeves workshop!

Saturday All Day
Marketing Agenda

  • Email Newsletters: who to send them to, content to include, basics of putting one together
  • Your Advocacy Website: what to include, where to get the information you need, build-it-yourself or find a vendor, get found in search engines
  • Public Speaking: wrangling invitations, topics, and how-tos to market your expertise
  • Blogging Basics: overcome your fear of writing, finding topics, finding images, frequency and more
  • Social Media: which platforms?, what to say, what topics to avoid, separating business from personal

9 AM to 4 PM
morning coffee, tea, and snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and beverages included

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