San Diego Summits - Sneak Peak!

For those attending the APHA San Diego Summits, here is information to help you prepare:

Find information and agendas about each of our Summit sessions below.

If you have questions, please check the FAQs first. If your answer isn’t there, contact us.


Location Information


General Information:

  • Dress comfortably. OK, it’s true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression… so… maybe business casual with the emphasis on the casual part.
  • If you get chilly, maybe bring a sweater. You know how these conference rooms can be.
  • Come with an empty stomach!  We’ll be providing great meals and snacks (see below). Soooo much food!

Time and Food Details for Each Session:

  • Friday Morning Session:  Please arrive by 8:15 or so. We’ll have breakfast, beverages, and snacks available throughout the morning.
  • Friday Afternoon Session:  Please arrive by 1:30. We’ll have beverages available all afternoon, and nice snacks mid-afternoon.
  • Saturday All Day Session:  Please arrive by 8 AM.  We’ll have breakfast, beverages, morning and afternoon snacks, and a great lunch.

Agenda – Friday Morning Session:
The Nuts ‘n Bolts of Making Connections


Friday Afternoon Networking:
Connect with Advocacy Leaders and Other Advocates

Important!  Bring your business cards!  If you don’t have business cards, you’ll wish you did, so we’ve put together some information to help you develop them (and not waste money on cards that will be unusable later.)  Creating Your Business Cards – Best Practices


As promised, several of our profession’s leaders will be attending our Summit Networking event.  We have confirmed attendance from:

  • Martine Brousse
  • Karen Mercereau
  • Suzanne Fiscella
  • Rae Drazin
  • Sandy Thigpen
  • Brad Schwartz
  • Kathy King
  • Karen Curtiss
  • Trisha Torrey

Every one of these leaders is running a successful advocacy practice, and each will have stories and resources to share with you. You will be so happy you’ve had the opportunity to meet them!

They’ll be doing some short TED-style talks, leading group discussions on a variety of topics, and answering your questions about advocacy and the business of advocacy.


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You’ll have the opportunity to meet and thank our vendors!



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Getting excited?  Want to connect with other attendees, or our leaders, before the event?

We’ve got a Forum for that!

APHA Members:  Link here.


Here’s what is in store for you during the networking event:

  • Plenty of time to connect, chat, and interview other advocates, including our leaders and vendors, and APHA leadership, too.
  • TED-style talks on topics of interest to help you further your practice.
  • A panel discussion about getting started with your advocacy practice, with our Leaders talking about “what I wish I had known.”
  • Break-out sessions with groups, according to interest.  Groups will include:  cancer advocates, eldercare advocates, overcoming fear of public speaking, dealing with out of network billing, why doctors love patient advocates, and patient advocacy and mental health.
  • Lots more networking time… and snacks!

And – a bonus for San Diego!

HBO producers (yes, that HBO) will be joining us during the Friday networking event to interview those of you with interesting stories to tell about the work you do, and why you do it. This is an incredible opportunity for those who are interested!  (And yes, it’s OK to avoid the cameras, too… there is no expectation that you will participate if you don’t want to.)

Friday Evening:  For those who are staying overnight until Saturday…. there will be no pre-planned APHA gathering for dinner, but we invite you to connect with others in the APHA Discussion Forum ahead of time to see who would like to go out in a group.


Agenda – Saturday Marketing:
Connecting with Clients


Safe travels!  We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!