Sponsor / Vendor Information ~ Connect for Success!

The Opportunity

Advocacy may be THE career of the next 10-20 years, as the one profession  that consistently creates successful outcomes for those who need assistance in our follow-the-money healthcare environment.

Now health/patient advocates, navigators, and care managers, from those who are new to the profession, to those with many years’ experience, will gather to make connections: to network, learn, and collaborate.

If you or your organization hope to provide education, products, or services to this group, then you are invited join us to strengthen your connections with them.

This is an outstanding opportunity for education groups, professional organizations, software developers, business support services, healthcare support services and others with interest in influencing this talented and compassionate group of professionals.

Join us in 2018!


San Diego,

Connect for Success Networking Event
April 27, 2018
(This session is completed.)


Newark, NJ

Connect for Success Networking Event
May 18, 2018
(This session is completed.)



Connect for Success Networking Event
June 15, 2018
Learn more.



Connect for Success Networking Event
September 7, 2018
Learn more.

The nature of this Friday afternoon networking event is to spend the day making connections: advocates connecting with other advocates, connecting with other professionals, and connecting with vendors. While there will be some speaker and education sessions, a full 50% of the event will allow for vendor visitation.

The event will all take place in one room, so vendors will be a part of the entire event (not set up somewhere else, away from all the action!)

Since this is an all new event for APHA, we can’t yet anticipate attendance totals. We will promote the Summits to just over 6,000 potential attendees across the country.


  • A 6′ display table and attendance for one participant from your organization.
  • The opportunity to introduce yourself formally to the entire group.
  • Your company / organization name and logo will appear on the website, all promotional outreach, and in conference materials.
  • The opportunity to donate one or more items for a prize drawing.
  • A master list of attendees along with their email addresses.
  • An invitation to participate in the education sessions in varying ways such as “TED” type talks, short speaking opportunities, and session leaderships. (More details forthcoming once you are signed up as a vendor.)


  • Display at 1 or 2 Summits (one or two cities):
    Price includes display space and attendance for one person….. $200 each location
  • Display at 3 or 4 Summits (three or four cities):
    Price includes display space and attendance for one person….. $500 total
  • Additional vendor attendees:  $39 per person, per Summit (up to 2 additional attendees per Summit)

Are you ready to strengthen your connections
at the APHA Summits?

Simply send us an email with your contact information, in which cities you wish to participate, how many will attend from your organization, and how you would like to pay (credit card or check).
That will kick start the process.
We’ll reply to you with an invoice. Then, once paid, we’ll send all the information you need to maximize your facetime with advocate-attendees.


Questions?  Please email us at this same address.